Thursday, October 11, 2012

So Here It Is

Well, I am taking my fiancee's advice and starting a blog.  (aren't you proud, Darren?  It's on Google!)  A little about me.  My name's Lura. <--- not a misprint... I am 25 years old.  I live around Cincinnati, OH.  I love football, but not the Bengals...  My occupation, as you can guess, is a hairdresser.  I manage a Great Clips and LOVE my job.  I hate it sometimes, but it's rewarding.  In my free time, I love to cook.  That'll be the majority of what I will be posting.  Not that I expect anyone to actually read this thing.  But maybe I'll get some looks from the Pinterest followers.

I will also post any cool hair/fashion/makeup stuff I find fitting, since obviously that's big part of my life.  I love photography too even though I don't have a good camera.  So if I like a picture, I'll post it.  Just about everything is going to be on this thing... A blog about everything, and nothing...

So here it is, my blog, it is what it is... This is me 

This is Harpo... He's a Butthead
This is my office... I'm lucky, I get to play with hair for a living!
We'll see what comes of this thing... here goes something!


  1. hey i know this girl!!! shocked to find you on pinterest! hi bestie!!! proud of you babe! Like you I am going to start a blog too! let's follow each other :)

  2. im so proud to be your first :)

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